Lyft and Waymo to team up on self-driving cars amid Uber controversy

Lyft and Waymo are working together on self-driving car technology, with a new deal first reported by the New York Times on Sunday. The deal has been confirmed by both parties, and will see Google’s former self-driving car unit work together with the ride-hailing company on efforts to introduce self-driving to the general population via fleet services.

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Intel and Samsung back FTC lawsuit against Qualcomm

The Federal Trade Commission kicked off 2017 by targeting Qualcomm over allegedly anti-competitive behavior, and unsurprisingly, companies the chipmaker competes with agree. Intel and Samsung filed briefs supporting the FTC lawsuit, claiming that Qualcomm uses its dominant position in the mobile processor industry to squeeze others out.


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Microsoft patches Windows XP to fight ‘WannaCrypt’ attacks

Microsoft officially ended its support for most Windows XP computers back in 2014, but today it’s delivering one more public patch for the 16-year-old OS. As described in a post on its Windows Security blog, it’s taking this “highly unusual” step after customers worldwide including England’s National Health Service suffered a hit from “WannaCrypt” ransomware. Microsoft patched all of its currently supported systems to fix the flaw back in March, but now there’s an update available for unsupported systems too, including Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003, which you can grab here (note: if that link isn’t working then there are direct download links available in the Security blog post).

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Verizon outmaneuvers AT&T, scoops up big-time 5G network acquisition

Last month it was reported that AT&T was buying Straight Path, a very important 5G spectrum holder for $1.25 billion. The hefty sum ended up not being enough as Verizon swooped in at the last second and outbid AT&T to acquire Straight Path.

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Project AirGig, AT&T’s next step towards 5G, will enter testing this fall

AT&T announced on Tuesday that it will begin publicly testing its “Project Airgig” technology, which takes advantage of broadband over powerlines (BPL) and other technologies to provide multi-gigabit speeds to its users, by this fall. The deployment is part of AT&T’s 5G preparation.

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AT&T said that it’s currently in “advanced discussions” with power companies ahead of its public tests. It said it’ll begin to deploy Project AirGig in two places, including the United States and one other unannounced country. Project AirGig was developed inside AT&T’s labs as it prepares to deploy 5G data speeds to its wireless customers, and the fastest possible speeds it can deliver to customers who pay for broadband.

“AT&T Labs is ‘writing the textbook’ for a new technology approach that has the potential to deliver benefits to utility companies and bring this multi-gigabit, low-cost internet connectivity anywhere there are power lines – big urban market, small rural town, globally,” AT&T said on Tuesday, noting that AirGig has been in development for more than 10 years.

High-speed broadband and mobile

Project AirGig combines two technologies, the aforementioned BPL and millimeter wave, to deliver high-speed broadband and mobile connectivity, instead of just one or the other. “These devices create a multi-gigabit signal that travels along or near the wire – not through it,” AT&T explained. “This signal means connected experiences become an everyday reality for people – regardless of location,” the company added, noting that unlike current fiber solutions, Project AirGig doesn’t need to be buried in the ground.

Check out the two videos below for a closer look at how Project AirGig operates.

Source- AT&T

Amazon Prime Air drone made its first delivery! Check out the incredible videos

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Amazon recently completed its first real-life delivery using its Amazon Prime Air drone. The flight took place on December 7 and was fully autonomous, delivering a customer’s goods in just 13 minutes. We live in the future, folks.

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AT&T DIRECTV NOW Launches Nov. 30 starting at $35 per month

AT&T officially unveiled the final details for its DIRECTV NOW on-demand streaming video platform on Monday, including the launch date and the monthly pricing tiers. It will compete directly with services such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue when it launches on November 30 starting at $35.

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