Netflix to Enable Secret Streaming Mode

Netflix catalogs and analyzes every movie and episode of TV you watch, but what if you want to keep some of your guilty pleasure viewing a secret? The company has a solution with its new “Privacy Mode,” which it’s currently testing with a small subset of customers.

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Comcast’s Latest Acquisition Could Mean Smarter Wi-Fi Routers

At the moment Comcast may just be thought of as an Internet and cable company, but in the future the company may offer its own hardware and software to manage an entire house full of smart devices. TechCrunch confirmed on Monday that the Internet-provider recently acquired PowerCloud Systems and with it the technology to control your future smart home.

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T-Mobile LTE Now Blankets 230M Americans

Earlier this month T-Mobile said it was on track to cover 230 million Americans with LTE service, and today the carrier claims it has officially hit that goal. CEO John Legere broke the news on Twitter, using the opportunity to take a shot at the competition.

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Police Need Warrant to Search Your Phone, Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court on Wednesday officially ruled that phones in the United States are “generally protected from searches without warrant,” which means law enforcement should now need a warrant before they try to open your phone and use its contents as evidence against you.

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The Moon Gets Faster Wi-Fi Speeds Than You Do At Home

Plenty of studies suggest your home broadband speeds are getting slower. And it could get worse, too, with big providers snuggling up into a Megazord of awfulness. But if you would just move to the moon, you’d be able to enjoy some pretty lavish speeds much better than what you and I get at home. Welcome to Space Age Wi-Fi.

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NASA Wants to Send Plant Life to Mars By 2020

NASA doesn’t just have plans to send more robots—and maybe humans—to Mars over the next decade. The agency also wants to bring some plant life to the Martian planet in the hopes of encouraging some good old terraforming. What’s bereft of life and red all over might one day be a lush paradise. One can only hope. Evidence certainly suggests it was much different millions of years ago compared to how it is now.

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Netflix Adding Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Lots of Godzilla Movies in May

It’s the end of the month, and that means a new crop of movies will be available for streaming starting May 1, while an equally long list of films will be cut from the service. This month Netflix is adding both Kill Bill films, five old Godzilla flicks, and plenty of other classics to make up for the movies we’re losing on May 1.

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere Made More Than Verizon, AT&T CEOs

T-Mobile CEO John Legere likes to act like a man of the people, but he certainly takes home a lot more money than the everyday U.S. wireless consumer. In fact, Legere makes more than the corporate honchos he enjoys trashing on the regular, including the bigwigs at AT&T and Verizon, according to new documents T-Mobile recently filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Walmart Debuts Super Futuristic Electric Truck Protoype

We don’t often cover semi-trailer trucks around here (actually, I don’t think we ever have), but when we see something cool we’ll bring it to you nonetheless. Walmart recently debuted an awesome-looking futuristic truck prototype during the Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky. The truck you see in the picture above still runs on diesel, though has the ability to run on electric power when needed. “Although the prototype currently runs on diesel, its turbine is fuel neutral and can run on compressed or liquid natural gas, biofuels or other fuels,” Walmart explained.

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